Laser Gum Treatment in Bala Cynwyd, PA and the surrounding Main Line

With gum disease becoming associated with a myriad of inflammatory diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and alzheimer’s, it’s extremely important to treat the mouth as part of a comprehensive, holistic approach.  Gum disease, which is an inflammatory disease in your mouth, elevates systemic inflammation which can exacerbate other diseases in your body.

Traditional therapies, although effective, have been associated with post op discomfort, cold sensitivity, and longer teeth.  Laser gum treatment, which is equally effective in most cases, allows us to offer a minimally invasive, pain free solution to our patients without the side effects.

We are incredibly excited to offer this technology to the patients, and Dr. Waasdorp is proud to be the first periodontist on the Main Line to do so.   Since there are no incisions made or sutures needed, patients don’t need to be taken off blood thinners for the procedure.   Those that have avoided treatment due to fear of surgery can be effectively cared for in a quick, easy, virtually painless fashion.