Laser Periodontal Treatment Philadelphia PA

Many patients have avoided treating their gum disease because they are fearful of surgical procedures.  Thankfully, we are able to offer our patients a marvelous alternative to traditional treatment.  Utilizing a ErCr:YSGG laser, we can effectively manage almost all cases of periodontal disease in a minimally invasive, painless manner.   The laser energy is used to kill the bacteria and removed disease tissue that are causing you to lose bone around your teeth and harming the rest of your body.

In one single  office visit, Dr. Waasdorp can treat your entire mouth with a laser to eliminate this bacterial infection causing gum disease. “We have been seeing fantastic results with our laser protocol, and patients have been incredibly pleased with the treatment and postoperative course” says Dr. Waasdorp. “This is truly the biggest innovation to happen in periodontics since dental implants and should be the standard of care”

Traditional periodontal disease surgical treatment cuts away the infected tissues, which are then sutured.  Laser gum disease treatment, however, involves no cutting or sewing.  There is minimally post op discomfort, which has been great for our fearful patients.

Dr. Waasdorp is the only periodontist on the Main Line to offer this laser periodontal disease treatment to patients.